Welcome My New Little Sister


By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 


The time has come for our family to meet a new member. It was Sunday evening, August 30th, 2020.  My Mom had to go to the hospital with my Dad. My Mom would give a birth. So, my sister Aqila Azalea Tabrani Yunis and me must stay at home. We were not allowed to go the hospital because of the Covid19 pandemic. Fortunately, my aunty and uncle came to accompany us. So my aunty come because she is going to accompany us and she is making us not scare to stay at home with out my mom and my dad. So I stay there with Abizar, Asyabia, aunty, and my cousin. So I could wait and stay at home. I even could   play with my cousins, watching TV and used laptop to play and not bored.    


I missed my Mom and Dad since They had to stay at the hospital for 2 days. I was not patient to wait for their coming home. Then, a day after I got a big surprise in August 31, 2020. It was really surprised; my new sister was born. I was not patient. My Dad sent me a picture. I was very happy because in the picture she looked very cute and adorable.  I could not wait, so I kept asking my aunty, “when will the baby go home?” with my exited face and then my aunty said “just wait, because a few more days they will be here, Insya Allah“, but I felt very bored waiting.


Actually, I usually go to the shop POTRET Gallery in Pango Raya, but in this case I had to stay at home and no one could take me to the shop and I was sad.  Suddenly, my Aunty told that “My Mom would go to go home today” and I was so exited and screaming, Wow! I was so happy and being very crazy because my first time to see my 3thsister.   My Mom and Dad arrived at home at 2.30 pm.   I was playing, jumping and jumping with my sister, Aqila. I heard the car arrived and I picked at the window and saw my Mom with the baby girl. She was so cute.  My Dad asked me to wash my hands before touching the baby. So I asked my Dad what the baby’s name. My Dad said that her name is Arisya Anum Tabrani Yunis. Wow!  I said okay. I like the name, I said.  You know that I am a picky namer.


So I washed my hands super quick then I touched the baby.  I said and said, “she is so cuteeeeee”. I kept looking at her and smiled at her. At the first night at home, she cried super loud until I could not sleep.  I moved from my bed to see my little sister. I looked at her then I tried to sleep, because I fell a sleep. Soon then in morning I saw her waking up and then she cried and cried.  Today she smiled at me and she didn’t cry a lot any more. She just  like a grown up baby.            


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Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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