Do You Smoke? Please Kindly Stop it Now

Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 

Class 6 Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5, Ule Kareng, Banda Aceh, Indonesia


I often go to the coffee shop with my father, so anytime I go to the coffee shop, I always see some people who always smoke. Almost all of the people there, are smoking.  There are many people who smoke such as young, old men, teenagers, a little bit old men, students from high school, and some other people. Not only in the coffee shop, but also in the restaurant, super market, the street, and some other public places too. I also often see some people smoke in their cars. They also throw the cigarette buds and the cigarette pack to the street.  They don’t throw them to the trash can. They can make our city dirty. 


For me I really hate smokers, because of some reasons. I am always disturbed by the smelly smoke from people who are smoking near me.  I don’t like that, that’s very bad. The smokers are dirty. You can see from their teeth. It can be yellow or can be black, or you can see their broken teeth a lot. So, smokers are very dirty and smelly. When they smoke, they often use the floor as the ashtray. The floors getting dirty and smelly. Do you like it?


I believe you do not like it. Its also danger for us. Do you know why? We don’t smoke.  If we are not an active smoker then if we sit next to an active smoker, so the smoke from the cigarette flows to our noses.  It s more dangerous than smoking.  If you are a smoker, I suggest you to stop smoking, because it can kill you. Not only can kill you, but you also can kill the world, if 100% because the smoke can make a global warming and that’s not good because it can cause damage. You are spending your money only for buying a paper with some thing in it, then you burn it and it turns into smoke, and it can kill you.    So I really really hope that all of the smoker in the world will stop.


I am very happy that my Dad doesn’t smoke anymore. He has been stopping smoking since 2000.  It was before I was born. I didn’t know much about my Dad smoking, but he told me that he stopped smoking in 2000. So if my Dad still smokes until now, I will always throw away his cigarette when he is not there. I was also thinking when I can make my new house. I will have an uncle who still smokes. So if he wants to smoke, he has to go far away from our house. If you want to read more about my new house see my writing in


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