Back to school in the Pandemic Covid 19

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Class 6 Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Today at 7am I was still sleeping, then my Mom woke me up. She asked me to get up. “Nayla it is time to go to school” said my Mom.  I was so sleepy and I just woke up because I was so excited. Then I took a bath for 6 minutes and dressed up for several minutes. I packed up my school stuffs and prepared everything for school. Unfortunately, I had to wait for my Dad. be he didn’t take a bath yet. Not too long, so while waiting for my Dad, I had breakfast. Soon I hopped on the car and my Dad drove the car. I was so excited, because I could go to school, after more than three months was away from school. My Dad drove the car a bit slow, but not very slow. I really want to go back to school.

My Dad and Mom were worried and did not let me go to school. They first were reluctant to take me to school, because of afraid, if I would do some weird things, like swapping my mask, touching my friend’s hand or hugging.  He was afraid if I did not follow or obey the health protocol. But I made my Dad sure that I would be aware, I would keep distance, and would not shake hands with anybody. I missed my friends very much, I missed my teachers very much and of course I really really missed my school, because it has been very long time not going to school. You know? Corona makes us scare. It makes us cannot go anywhere and making us stay at home. I am very bored at home, even we have cute little kitties to stay with. I still don’t want to stay at home too long. 

You know when I arrived at my school? I was very happy to see my friends in front of the class.  At the gate, I saw and met the security. He checked the temperature of body. I gave my hand and then I entered the class.  Only me, not my Dad.  I was being a little bit scare when my first time going to my school again. I entered the class by greeting my teacher and friends.
When I came in, my teacher also greeted and said “how are you”?  I said” I am fine, thank you” and then he spoke English weirdly, then I laughed. 

When I sat down, everybody was looking at me and I was shy. Then when my teacher was going for a while, we had a loud party and we had some fun, but when I was siting down on the chair, my legs were too tall for that table. Then there was my other teacher and we were still learning and fun. I like going to school, but I don’t like to study at home, because it does not have fun situation when we are learning. If I learn at home, it makes me feel sad because I cannot go to school. 

It was not too long at school. The class finished at and I went home at 11am. I did not buy anything.  My Dad forgot to give me money to buy snacks and at the class I was so hungry. I hope I can go to school every day again.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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