Living in My Dream House

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 
Grade 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri ( MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Hi every body, do you want to know what today writing is? Today I will tell you about my dream house. Do you have a DREAM house?  How is the house in your dream? If you do, please tell me, okay! I have a dream house. How does it look like?  My Dream house is going to be fancy and may cost a lot of money. The house that I want is 2 floors and there will be an escalator, so that I won’t be tired. Then I want to have a big kitchen and one big space for a kitty room, because I will have 9 kitties and I want to have one spa room, because sometimes I want to have nice massage. So, that’s why I want a spa room. 

Not only that, there will be will be five bathrooms. I also want a big big dining table, because I will live with my sister there. Inside, also with two big fridges. Do you know why I want to have eight rooms?  Here are the reasons. One room will be my room. One room for my sister, and four rooms for guests’ rooms. Wait! Before I tell some others, so inside of the guests’ rooms, there will be the spa people and the doctors. You never know whenever you will be sick. There will also be a small bed and breakfast space. It is like a mini hotel in our own house. There is a room with a closets.  It is to put our clothes, and the last one is my parents’ room. 

Actually I also want big space for the living room. And I see a super duper big sofa. It is as big as a two beds. Actually you can sleep in the sofa. You don’t need to buy a bed again. So that will be the inside part of the house. 

The outside part of the house, I want a big pool, as big as my shop, Potret Gallery. It really costs a lot of money. You know, it is only a dream house, but if it is true, I am very happy.  So, lets continue.  Beside the pool, there will be a bed like maybe when you are tired after swimming you can sleep for a minute, and then close to the bed there will be stairs to go up to the top of the roof.   My roof is not like other people have. It is just like a room and you can see the view. Of course, there will be some flowers and small trees. That’s all outside stuffs. 

Yup, thank you for reading my story, don’t forget to watch my YouTube, Anak cerdas and subscribe until 10.000.000 subscribers. The last, don’t also forget to come to POTRET Gallery on Jalan Prof. Ali Hasyimi, Pango Raya Banda Aceh, you can do shopping educational toys for children and many others you like to buy. So, thank you for reading  bye bye.      

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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