Helping Dad Promoting Products at Potret Gallery

by Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Study at MIN No. 5 Banda Aceh, Class 5

Halo every body, how are you? I hope everyone is fine and always happy. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis. I study at MIN Ule Kareng, Banda Aceh.  I would like to welcome back to my writing session. Writing with Nayla’s session. So today I will tell you how I help my Dad to sell the products at Potret Gallery. Yeah, how I do?  

I do something useful for me.  I like posting some of the products in Potret Gallery. You know? There are a lot   products at POTRET Gallery, Banda Aceh, such as educational toys. There are many kinds of educational toys. There are many kinds of puzzle, wiss toys, sliding car, sand slime and some others.  There are also wood toys and math toys.  My favorite toy is the sand slime and the sliding cars. Do you know why I like sand slime?  Because when I stretch the slime, the sound is satisfying. Do you know why I like the sliding cars? because when we put the car it, it runs by it self. You may like toys too.

Because my farther runs a shop, I like to help my father. So, what do I do to help my father? I sometimes act alone or with my sister, Aqila Azalea. My father takes the video about some products. There are many products. For example, toys, mirror, squishy, gift box, dream catcher, paper bag, house decoration, sun glasses, fake flowers, Jepara lamps, balloon, swimming pools, kitchen supplies, balls, water bottles, birthday candles, piano, puzzles, watch, books, Lego, tissue, mask, sticky notes, baby toys, LoL surprise, UNO stacko, and others.     

I love posting some pictures and also sometimes I make a video by myself.  I also sell some products at  my school. Sometimes I ask my father to post live in his facebook.  Two months ago, when I went to school, I sold the products there. I also sold in front of POTRET gallery.  During this Ramadhan I don’t go to school.  So I don’t sell anything.  Because the corona virus, so we can’t go anywhere.  Now how I sell the product is in my IG by uploading some pictures. I borrow my Dad’s laptop and sometimes his handphone. Here I can learn how to do business.


Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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