Let’s Learn English Easily and Fun

Halo everyone. How are you?  Hopefully everything is running well with you.  Today, Popot and Nyanyak want to tell you that learning English is easy and fun. What do think? Do you agree? I hope so.

Well, today Popot and Nyanya are with Aqila Azalea and Arisya Anum Tabrani Yunis. Aqila and Arisya speak English everyday and everywhere. They speak English fluently. So,if you meet them, just speak English with them. They are very happy to communicate with you all.

Now Anak Cerdas magazine will invite Aqila Azalea and Arisya Anum Tabrani Yunis to share their experiences in communicating in English since they were babies.  We will interview Aqila and Arisya next week. So, be happy to study with them and they are very kind and always happy to communicate. They are very to speak English with them. So be happy to meet them soon.

See you next week


Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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