My Trip to Burni Kelieten

By Suha Rakata Ferdian
Homeschooling, in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Burni Kelieten is a mountain with 2.903 mdpl high. The location of the mountain is in Takengon, Central Aceh, Indonesia

This time, I will make a hike to the mountain of Burni Kelieten. We started climbing at two o clock on Friday, January, 1st, 2021. First we did a simple meeting and prayed for a moment then we started to walk and finally we arrived at shelter 1 at 4 o'clock. We took a rest for five minutes, then we started walking again to shelter two. It was a hard road. We arrived at shelter two and taking a rest again after might be about 10 minutes, then we continued again to shelter 3. We would do camping in shelter 3 at that night. 

On the road, it was getting dark and we decided to stop for while. After that, we continued the journey and walking in the dark. We must pass incline, the name of it is devil climbs, because it was very hard and taking a lot of time. And finally we arrived at shelter 3 at nine o clock. At that time, it also rained and we hurried to make a tent. We rested to continue our journey on the next day. The rained did not stop overnight. At 2ndof January/2021 we prepared to continue our journey to the top. We started to walk at 11 o’clock from shelter 3 to the top. We went there without bringing our bag, just a day pack for water and food. After walking for one hour, we arrived at Batu Kukur or shelter 4. We made some coffee and enjoyed the view. From Batu Kukur we could see Takengon city and lake. The name of the lake is Danau lut tawar. 

We walked again and we just needed to past the hardest path. We must climb the rock and thing again. We must past, and there was one thing what I loved, there was the moss. They were very cute and soft. The journey did not feel we finally reached the peak. So, we immediately took photos and we arrived around 3 o’clock. Then at 4 o’clock we immediately rushed to get ready to return to our camp, namely shelter 3. The journey was imperceptible and we have entered a dark day on our journey walking with darkness. On the way, even thought it was very muddy, we found a big frog and the giant worm. They were amazing for me. We continued our journey and finally arrived at shelter 3. We heard the news that we had to go home, because we ran out of water. And we cooked for a while and ate immediately. We were hurry to get down from the mountain. We started from 11 o’clock and we arrived at 3 o’clock and it was hard journey. We must back in the night and poor eyesight, but finally we arrived at the post. There were just two trouble swollen big toes and tired. It was really really tired, even tired it was all paid of by a very beautiful view.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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