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By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 

Grade 6 of elementary school (MIN) 5, Ule Kareng, Banda Aceh, Indonesia 



I miss going to “Bate Iliek again. I have not been there for more than one year. The last time I went to Bate Iliek was long long time ago. I don’t really remember what month it was, but it was in 2019. I just remember that it was when we celebrated the Idul Fitri, the Moslem holiday at my aunt’s house in Ule Gle, Pidie Jaya. You know that My aunt’s house is not far from Bate Iliek. It is about 1 kilometer.  Therefore, anytime I go to my aunt’s house, I can go to Bate Iliek with my family. My family and I have been long not visiting my aunt. 


By the way, have you ever been to Bate Iliek? Do you know where Bate Iliek is? If not, let me tell you. Bate Iliek is actually the name of the river and the village which is located at the border of Samalanga and Ule Gle in Pidie Jaya, Aceh. This river is very famous.  Many people from other places go there actually on Sunday. They spend their weekend there. So, if you go there on Sunday, you can see there are many people in the river swimming and in cafes enjoying foods.


Sometimes, when there are so many people in Bate Iliek, we can not get the place or seats we want, because there are many people. They come to Bate Iliek for relaxing, but when the place is full, we don’t get a lot of privacy. We want to enjoy swimming in the cool water there, especially when the water in Bate Iliek is up on the river. You will feel the cool of the water.  


I always ask my Dad when we will visit my aunt in Ule Glee again. My Dad always says, Insya Allah.  Insya Allah we can go to my aunt house in Uleegle and we can enjoy going to Bate Iliek soon. I love going to that river because it is fun. So, I know much why I like going there. I like going there with my cousins, Ayla, Aksa, Adam, Atika, Abizar, Asyabia and, Aqila. Actually if I live in Ulee Gle, I will always ask my Dad to go there. I really – really miss going to Bate Iliek, because memories bring back memories.


Any way, I really enjoy swimming there with my cousins and my family. Only swimming? No, I enjoy many things there.  I really enjoy being there together and its fun to be there with everybody. Of course, going with my Mom, my Dad, and my sister Aqila, and my other sister Arisya is enjoyable. I also like swimming in Bate Iliek river, because the water flows fast and in some places there are some deep water. Here we use floatie with my cousins, and it was so fun.


Bate iliek is not for swimming of course. We can see people swimming there and many people sell food and toys. One thing I don’t like to see, the people throw the in the river and the trash hanging on the bank of the river.  Last year, when we were there, we cleaned up the river. We collected the trash and burned it. 


I suggest you to go there because its making you happy. So for me when I go there the first thing I do is asking my Mom to buy me food. We usually say Acehnese noodle and soup and that I my most favorite food in the world.


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