By Khalisa

A Home schooling, little girl living in Lhok Seumawe, Aceh

Part One

On a sunny day, there was a cute and adorable cat. Her name is Cutie and she likes to play ball, and she likes to eat paw chips. She has two sisters and two brothers. They love to play with her, help her and even love her. Sometimes they also like to sleep like a fur ball. They also like to have a cat race. Jester played with cutie.

For an hour they played dress up doll, house board game and more. Until the are tired. When all the Kitty are tired, they all have a cat nap. Until 5 pm.  At five pm, they all make cookies with mom. After making cookies, they are full. They go to the park with Mom and Dad. They played swing seesaw, slide and more. Next day they passed home. They passed home because their home has been broken. They have seen a hotel. That they can live in and that is all the story of that. When they arrived at the hotel, they came in to the hotel. Their room number is 12. There are so many cats. The next day, they buy food.  At the bottom floor is the mall. 

After they go to the mall, they go to the kids place inside. There are so many toys dolls backpack and other things. The next day Cutie was hungry in the car. She tells her mom that why we not eat yet? Now we are going to the restaurant darling. Ok Mom. When they arrived at the restaurant, they ate until they were full. After that they went back to the hotel. The kitties were at the kids’ club. They played and played until 12 pm. At 12 pm. They went back to their room. The next day Cutie woke up at 5 am. Cutie played her tablet.  She played a game, watched song and even played more. When Mom and Dad woke up they all go to the zoo.

After they went to the zoo, they went to buy a gift for Mimi.  Inside was a hat.  After buying gift they bought ice cream, strawberry, blueberry, and vanilla. At the fish market they bought fish, a muffin and pizza. After they bought food they went to KFC to eat lunch. After having lunch, they bought cards. After they bought cards, they went home.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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