My Business Plan


By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 

Class 6 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia


Running a business is not easy, because of some reasons. The first reason I don’t have money to run a business. The second reason is, I don’t have workers, except if I want to work by myself. I do everything by myself. The third reason is because I don’t know how to run business properly. So I will start with small business. Here s my plan to make my own shop and the shop that I want to make is a kawai shop. Next to it, there is an ice cream shop. If I have two businesses in one shop that can be a little hard, because I will need more workers and more money. If I work by myself, it will be a little harder and tiring because too many jobs to do. 


So, how will it look like? Can you imagine that it will smell something weird? Yap, there will a little bit scanted because our shop will be a little bit tasty. The smell is a vanilla ice cream.  I pick that because I love vanilla ice cream. Then I am thinking why not make the chair look like ice cream.  I want to make my shop look very creative. For me to make it looks even more creative. Therefore, why not to put the kawai shop next to it, because when people want to do some shopping, my shop will need to spend a lot of money, because a lot of shops and that means a lot of workers. ` 


What will I sell? So I will sell something that’s creative and rare stuffs such as educational toys, garden accessory, squishy, slime, clothes, baby stuff, kawai stuff and cat stuff and some other things, but rare stuff. So I will also sell pets because I love pets. I will sell cats, birds, hamsters, and bunny.  Some of them are free, because they need to be adopted. That’s in our kawai store, but in the ice cream store, there are many things to choose, such as ice cream rolls, popsicles, ice cream waffle, banana split, ice cream cake, ice cream pie, and the most importing thing is the royal ice cream. So royal ice cream is the tastiest and the most beautiful ice cream.


If I want to run a business, I have to work a lot because I need a lot of things to do, except if I work with somebody else first. Maybe one day I can be a business woman. I really hope when I am 16 or 17 years old, I can work at my own shop. I have to because I need money for my    live. If I do not have money, I cannot do anything. So I need this money also to make my business bigger and bigger.  My dream is to be the best person ever that also means that I need to have money, because to get a better live.  I have to work hard. If I have a lot of money, its better for me. I can donate some money or stuffs to the orphans and to the disability people. So if you want to know about money, see my other writing about “if I have money”.


I guest that is all for today. Hopefully you enjoy my writing and I hope it also can inspire you to run your own business and don’t forget to check my YouTube. The name is Anak Cerdas magazine and I will really appreciateyou if you can subscribe to my YouTube. If you want tbusome thing that you cannot find just go to POTRET gallery because we have all of the stuff that you need but not food.  So yup bye bye. See you in the next writing     

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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