Drawing Funky Things Easily

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 

Class 6 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia


I love drawing and drawing is one of my hobbies. I love it because sometimes it makes me happy. I think I can also get money from it. Of course if my drawing is very beautiful. As I know that when my drawing is so beautiful, it will be placed in the art gallery or museums. It is very interesting, but the question is how to make the beautiful drawings? Is it easy? I don’t think so. Many people say that making our drawing looks beautiful, we need to learn to draw, we need to know how to make it looks beautiful, and all of these questions are all in the funky things to draw book. It gives us a lot of knowledge and skill to draw.


I have a book on drawing, with the title is Funky Things to draw.  It is very interesting book. The book was given by my Dad. I still remember that my Dad bought this book at the Sukarno – Hatta International Airport, in Jakarta. He always buys books when he is traveling to Jakarta or abroad. My Dad likes spending his time at the bookstore in the airport.  There are some books that he has bought for me, such as The Use Born Children Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Book of Cats, Human body, and some others, but the last one is The Funky Things to Draw.  


This book is about learning to draw. As the tittle is funky things to draw, the book is so fun. I can say that it the fun book. It is one of the most interesting book my Dad bought. I know he always buys English books for me and my sister Aqila Azalea, because we speak English everyday at home and everywhere we are. My Dad loves books and he wants me to love books too. He doesn’t mean the drawing of the book, but he means it for reading. My Dad always says that reading makes us clever or smart. Unfortunately, until now I only like reading a little bit, not too much. So I have to crush my boredom with reading, because like my Dad always says, if we read more, we know more. 


Shortly, I really like this book. So, when my Dad just bought it, I was so interested in reading and using it. Then one day, my cousins came from Ulee Glee was so happy to see the book. They said WOW!  You know that this book is creative. It guides us how to draw. It shows us the steps for drawing. What is the next interesting one? In this book you can find over 80 drawings to master, and this book is the international bestseller. Over 1 million copies sold. So, when you read this book, in side that book, it shows us the introduction, then there are many things to draw such as fairy, baby animals, magical, under water creatures and some others. I like that book because they got fun fact. Do you know what fun fact is? 


Finally, if you want to become a drawing expert, I recommend you to have this book. Find it anywhere available. So, do you like my article? If you do, tell meokay. Hope you enjoy the story.  Yup that is all what I can tell you and don’t forget to check my YouTube. The name is Anak Cerdas magazine and I will really appreciateyou if you can subscribe to my YouTube. If you want to buy something that you cannot find, just go to POTRET Gallery. It sells all of the stuff that you need, but not food.  Thank you and bye bye. See you in the next writing.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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