My Imaginative New House

Mark Stewart Home design

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 

Class 6 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia


Today my sister and I feel a little bit upset. We were upset because of some reasons. The first is because of boring. The second reason is we don’t really like to stay all days at home in Lampoh Keude. We wanted to stay out. Therefore, we were thinking to move in to a new house. The new house was in my imagination. My sister’s imagination also came and then it blew our mine of. 


What we were thinking about a two floors house. So we wanted a two floors house, because we wanted to make our studio in the second floor. So if you don’t know what a studio is, let me tell you.  So a studio is a place where we make video or if you want it to be a place where you can play music. For me, I just need a few studios. Maybe 3 or 2. That is okay. It seems that I need 3 because one is for my roblox video, and then one for my sister roblox studio, and one more is for our cousins, but I told him if they can speak English. Insya Allah I will make their own studio.


May be you will as where I will get the money. I will try to make a viral video in YouTube and I will keep working hard until I can get my first YouTube plays button and if I get it, I will be very happy.  Then I will keep my promise to all of you who have subscribed my YouTube. You know? I will really really appreciate you.  So if I get my first YouTube play button, I will make my own ice cream roll shop and then the money is for upgrading the new house in Lampermai. Actually the house is done, but its to small. It is small with three small bedrooms together. that’s why we were thinking to make it two floors, and a little upgrading. 


Actually I want to ask the property brothers from HGTV to make our house.  I was thinking black and white are the nice colors for me. and I also want the house to be free from smokers, because I don’t like smokers, like my uncle. If there are smokers, the security will say do not smoke here or you have to get out of here. I will have a security. Just in certain cases.  


What about the rooms?  We want 8 rooms, because one is for me and one for my sister. One is for my Mom and Dad, and one for the guest room. As I like sport, one room is for the sports room, one for my studio, one for my sister studio, one for the play room park, and last one is for my cousin’s studio. 


Do you know how many bathrooms? We want 4 bathrooms. One is in my room, another one is in my Mom and Dad’s room. One in the guest room, and one in the sports room. So in my room is going to be fancy cute and amazing, and my bath room will be also fancy. My Mom and Dad will also have a very big and fancy bedroom. Actually my sister asked why not to ask my cousin Abizar and every body in his family to stay here for ever.  I don’t think our aunty will live here, but lets just ask anyway. So if they want to stay here forever, we will build a tiny house, but not too tiny. It is bigger than 3 bedrooms together and the house will be 1,2 floor and then they will also get their own parking space. Besides, they will have their own garden where they can plant some fruits or vegetable or flowers.


Further on my new house, that out side, it looks like a little small, then in front of the bushes. There is a mini golf, because my Dad really wants to play mini golf a lot. So why not?  It is also interesting that there is a secret door to go to the secret pool and in side the secret pool, there is a light up star.  If we go to the pool at night, it will be very bright. Actually I want to have a pet lion, but my Dad doesn’t allow me to have it. 


You know then? Beside the pool, there will be a sand box play ground. If you don’t know what the sand box play ground is, let me tell you. So, a sand box play ground is a play ground, but under it, has sand in a giant wood box which we fill it with sand from the beach. Can you imagine?  There is a small inflatable pool and there are some fake fish. Here, we can play fishing because my little cousin really like to play that. In front of the house, there are some fruits in the side and some flowers. There is the security house. It is small and in side, there is a water dispenser, a chair and one more is a table with some snack. 


I didn’t tell you what is in side of my cousin tiny house yet.  So in side, it is very modern and a lot of spaces, because there will be a shelf.  If you put it down, it will turn in to a bed then they will have two rooms which is one for my cousin, one for his Mom and Dad. They will also have a kitchen with a lot of cake ingredients, because our aunty really loves to bake cakes. 


Then in our Abizar room, it will have two beds, because may be his baby sitter wants to sleep there and the style of his room is toys story theme, because he really likes it. I am really happy if I get this house, but my Dad said he would not say yes to sleep in the second floor. I say okay. My Dad can sleep down stairs because the second floor is not too big. Its medium size. In my Dad’s room, will have an automatic gate. So when we arrive, the security will press the button of the the gate and the gate will be opened by it self.  We will not feel tired to open and close it again. 


I guest that is all for today. I really wish to have this house now, but we don’t have enough money yet. I will pray until I can get my first YouTube. So, yup thank you for reading today’s story. Please subscribe my YouTube. The name is Anak Cerdas magazine or you can write Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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