My Sister’s Play House Dream

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Class 6 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

It is time for me to tell you another story.  Do you want to know what story I am going to tell you?  Today I will tell you about my sister’s dream. Her play house. Do you know what a play house is if not, let me tell you?  A play house is a mini house for kids, because it is like a house and you can sleep in it, and it can be your own room. If you don’t have a room, because sometimes your sister doesn’t give you to sleep in her room.  You can make it for your cats, or your dogs or other pets. 

Is this play house can be good for children who have a lot of toys?  Yes, sure. Because when your house is full of toys, and it will make your house messy and dirty. So you need a play house. Now, if you have a play house, you can put all of your kids’ toys in it.

You know?  My sister really has a big dream to have a play house, because she really wants her own room and it has a slide and a mini lift. Let me ask my sister Aqila about her dream play house. I don’t know much about it, but my sister said there will be 5 rooms. The first room will be my sister room, and there will be a small bed and in her room is Lego and friends’ style. So everything will be Lego and friends, from the clothes until her bed. We will have an air condition. Then we have my room. My room has a small bed and my style will be rainbow, butterfly unicorn, kitty style, because those are my favorite things. 

So my sister said there is living room, but the sofa is small like kids’ sofa. She said that there will be a place where you can see the stars using a telescope. And the last part of the house is her garage, and in the garage there is a train, but a kid size. She will have one small car, but she can ride  

Do we have a kitchen? Yes, we have a kitchen and in the kitchen there is a toy sink. It works for real and there will be a mini oven and a mini stove.  My sister said if we wanted to go to the bath room, we have to go down on a slide then you will see a small door. It’s the way to go to the bath room.

So, who will live there?

So you know if my YouTube can get to 10.000.000 subscribers, I want to do a give away cats and we will put the cats in the play house. That’s why we need a play house and sometimes I will sleep there when I have a sleep over with my friends.  My sister said I also wanted to have a sleepover with my friend in the play house. Maybe I will ask my Dad to sleep in the play house for 24 hours.  

This is a very nice thing to do, because when you are quarantined at home, I know you are boring. If you have a play house, you can play in it, and its not making messy at your house. So this play house, you can put it in side of your house or out side of your house, because it is very cute for decoration at your house. 

Thank you for reading my story. Pleas watch my YouTube, Anak Cerdas magazine. If you subscribe my YouTube and if it is already10.000.000 subscribers like I said, you will get a free cat or 2 free cats or may be more. You also can get one phone or laptop or an IPad. Be hurry!

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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