My Sister’s Birthday Dream

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Class 6 Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Do you have a birthday dream? If you do, tell me, ok! If you don’t, maybe this story is going to blow your mine of. You know?  My sister  has a lot of ideas and dreams. She always says that she wants to have a very fun and fancy birthday party. Just ask her what the reason. One of her reason is, because she never has a birthday party yet. Not like me, I had a birthday party and it was so amazing. In my birth day there were many people came to my birthday party. I was very happy, because there was a lot of cakes. It was like in the in the bakery shop and the cakes were free. All of my friends were smiling at me. And then we cut the cakes. I didn’t like the cakes, but I just ate them.

So, how is my sister’s birthday like? She wants to make her birthday beside the pool. She wants everybody has to use mermaid costume or mermaid stuffs. Everything will be mermaid show. Even her birthday is still long, she has created some invitations and names of friends that she wants to invite. My sister’s birthday is in November 15. She is really excited and can not wait. 

My sister will invite all of her friends, but only girls from her school. She really really wants to bring her best friends, Raudha and Bilqis. She also says to me to buy a giant pizza and it has to be very mozzarellayi.  It means its super mozzarella. Then, she will be a mermaid, but she is the special one. All friends will swim.

When will we swim in the pool? So I ask my sister when we will swim in the pool.  She said, “when I come from my small car, then when I jump in. Everybody can swim in the pool”.  She said, when everybody swims, they are not allowed to eat in the pool, only on the chair.

What food and drink do we have? I don’t really know much, but as I asked my sister, she said we would have a giant pizza.  Then we have ice cream cookies, Oreo ice cream, rice, rice side, orange jus, tea, and some other food.

Can my friend come?  I asked if my friends can also come. My sister said, “You can take your friends, but they have to use mermaid costumes. I do not know why my sister has a funny birthday dream. I hope she can make it happens.   

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