Why Am I Addicted to Roblox?

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 
Grade 6 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MIN) 5  Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Do you know roblox? If you don’t, let me tell you. Roblox is a game that any body can play from girls to boys.  When you are playing Roblox, there are many games that you can play.  It is my favorite game. My favorite game is Adopt me and there are some games that use robuks. If you want to get robuks you have to use real money, but I don’t know how much for one robuks. I think that there are many people play Roblox and there are famous people playing that.  I think if you play Roblox, you will be addicted to that game, because I am already addicted to roblox. But every time when I play roblox my Dad says, don’t play roblox, but I still play it because I am addicted. But not only me there are some other people who are addicted to Roblox. My sister is not very addicted, because she doesn’t know how to play it. She only wants to see me playing it and next time when my Dad has money, he says that he will buy me a keyboard. The keyboard is for writing and I want to make a video of me playing Roblox, then I will post it to my YouTube. I don’t know yet what will be the name for my roblox YouTube video. So I will use it every morning and night.  I have to drink a lot of carrot juice, because it will make my minus of my glasses getting better.     

How did I know Roblox? The first time that I know roblox is from my cousin. Her name is Sahira Fayza Gunawan. when I slept over at her house and I said to Fayza I was bored. What about you and my cousin said. Me too and then she asked if I know Roblox and I said no. What is that?  And my cousin said it’s a very fun game. And I asked if I could see, and she said sure. And I saw her playing the Roblox game and I really liked it and then I played that game and it was super fun.

Why I am really addicted to Roblox? I like it because when my second time playing roblox was a game that was super fun and the name was meep city and my treed time. I played another Roblox game and the name is fashion famous. I was really active to play that game and then I saw another game and it was hide and hide and seek extreme and the last game is adopt me. Now I am really really addicted to adopt me. Because in that game I can trade. You can buy pets, and its challenging because every one wants to get a unicorn or a legendary pet. You also can build your house from a small house to a big house. You can also decorate inside of the house and there are some houses that have big pools. But it is very expensive and I cannot afford that. Only rich people, but when I have the computer I want to buy robuks    

Something that I need to be careful in Roblox!  If we play Roblox, we have to be caerful because there is scammer at roblox. So when I play adopt me, they said to be careful for scammers. I was scared, but I still play that game. Yup, we need to be careful because I saw on YouTube that how to scam people and someone is a scammer. If you play roblox, adopt me and you want to trade with people and then there will be a writing about scammers. 

So, thank you for reading my story. Please watch my YouTube. The name is Anak Cerdas Magazine and please go to POTRET Gallery on jalan Prof Ali Hasyimi, Pango Raya, Banda Aceh Indonesia.  Bye bye J

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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