Ups ! Traffic Accident? Call the Police

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Grade 6 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh Indonesia

Have you ever seen a traffic accident? I believe that you have ever seen a people got a traffic accident. It can be in the street, in the main road or at the traffic light. Sometimes it happens near your house or even in front of your house. So people can get accident anytime and anywhere.  How do you feel when you see someone gets a traffic accident? Are you happy, or are you sad, or are you shock? I am shock anytime I see people get an accident. if I see people gets an accident, I want to help him or her, but I am scare. So I have to call for help to people near by and I will ask for help to the police, how about you? I believe that you will do the same as what I do.     

Actually there are some steps that you can do when you see a traffic accident. So, if some of you got accident, here are the steps.  The first step is move the people to the save place. Second, call the police and the third step is when you fall and one of you got a broken leg or hands, call an ambulance. I think the ambulances number is 119 or maybe 911. I don really know, but the next step is when you get hurt and just call for help super loud and I don’t really know some other steps. These steps can help you.

Talking about traffic accidents, I remember one day, when I was going back my school we got down in front of my school. So, when we wanted to cross the road, my friend was super excited to be back to my school and then she ran and she was hit by the motorcycle. She was fainted and my teacher took my friend to the hospital.    

Do you know why we can get traffic accident? Do you know about it? If you do, please tell me.  If you don’t know, let me tell you. So sometimes the accident happens because of yourself. I often see people in the street doing wrong things.  May be you often see kids or children whose ages under 17 years riding motorcycle. Actually they may not ride motorcycles, because the rule says that they are not allowed by law. Riding motorcycle under 17 years is breaking the rules. You are allowed to drive the car or motorcycle when you are 17 years old. When you are 17 years, you can get driving license. When you get the accident you can be responsible with your ride.  If you are not 17 years old yet, maybe you can get an accident and you can not be responsible, because you are careless.

As we know, usually children or kids are careless in riding motorcycle. They like to race the motorcycle in the streets. They like to jump up the motorcycles.  Children or kids often ignore the rule or traffic regulation. Never wants to use helmet. This can cause them often get accidents on the streets. So it’s a bad thing, because when the police see children or kids riding motorcycle, the police can stop them. The police will take you and your motorcycle to the police station. The police will ask your driving license, but you don’t have it.  So, the police will take your motorcycle if you don’t have Id card or driving license card. 

Keep in your mind that riding motorcycle when you are still a kid is bad. So do not follow the bad thing, just follow the good thing and hear what your parents say. When you want to ride motorcycle you must have the license, and the helmet. If you are driving a car, use a seatbelt.  Parents must be more careful. Don’t forget to lock the door because when a baby will try to open the door and its lock, its very good thing to do. It is better to prevent the accident than you got the traffic accident. Let’s obey the traffic lights, use helmet and keep save on the street.

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Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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