The Trash or Garbage Arround Us

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Class/ Grade 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh. Indonesia 

This morning when I was going to Darussalam, I saw a huge pile of trash or garbage on the left side of the street. When I saw the trash or the garbage on the pile of trash I said “uhhh”.  Its so gross “that’s what I said”. I said uhhh, but I did not open the window of the car because I was afraid with the smell of the trash or garbage. I could vomit, because it was so gross.

It was not my first time to see a pile of trash or garbage like that. I often see the trash in many places, such as under the bridge, in the drains, in the river, at my school, in the market, and many others.   So, we can find trash or garbage every where.  

When I go somewhere, I often see a lot of people throwing trash from the cars. They just throw it out from the window and the trash or garbage will be on the street. So throwing trash in the street is too bad. It is not the right way. Throwing trash or garbage somewhere or other places not in the proper places is very wrong.  It is wrong, because it can make the air very smelly and unhealthy. It makes our surrounding very dirty and ugly.  Making our houses or city very ugly and smelly. Even if you buy a lot of flowers and you put them behind the trash, it is still very smelly.

My dad always takes picture of the trash, because he doesn’t like it and he always posts it in Instagram and in Facebook. Do you know that I want to be a president? If you don’t know, let me tell you. If I were the president, I would ban people throw the garbage in the street or public places. I would say if you throw the trash on the wrong place, you will get a punishment, but I don’t know yet what will be the punishment. Because when I went to Singapore and Malaysia I saw these cities were very beautiful city. Even its small city, but its clean and it has a very nice smell, and there is no trash like what I see here in our city.

I hope we want to keep clean. How to keep clean? There are many ways to keep it clean. We can start with ourselves. So how we keep clean by ourselves?  You have to be very clean and then you can continue with your house and then you can keep clean in your village. It can help the earth or the world clean. 

Let me tell you how to keep your house clean. We have to clean the house every day, can be one time or two times a day.  We have to put the garbage in the trash can and it is better if we separate the wet garbage and the dry one. The wet one is the left over or the rest of food we eat, vegetable, and some other stuffs too. If the dry trash is like papers, plastic, glass, metal or iron, and some others too. 

We have to have three trash cans with different colors, green, blue and yellow. The green is for the wet one or the rest of food, the blue one for the papers or boxes, and the yellow one is for the dry one such as plastic, dry leaf and more. So, lets keep our house, our surrounding, streets, drain, river and our city clean. We do it together.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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