The Beggars in My Town

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
The student of  class 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

What do you know about beggar? If you don’t know let me tell you. So beggar is someone or a people that always asks or begs money from people in some places. The beggars come to someone’s house, to the restaurants, the shops, coffee shops and some others too. We can also see the beggars on the streets, such as at traffic lights. Some of them walk from home to the traffic lights and some others go by tricycle or motorcycles.  Maybe they have the tricycles or motorcycles to take them to the places where they want to go for begging the money. So I often see some of the baggers go with friends. Their friends guide them and some others they go by themselves or alone. Anyway, I can see beggars every day in my town. There are many beggars, men and women. There are also children. Some beggars are blind. Some others are disability people.  

I do not know why they ask or beg the money from people they come to. May be the beggars don’t have money. Maybe they don’t have jobs and maybe some of them are lazy to work and they feel it is easier to beg money than working. They can get much money and they don’t want to work.    

When I grow up I think I don’t want to be a beggar, I will be so shy, because asking or begging money from someone is not good.  For me  giving is better than begging. So if I don’t want to be a beggar, I should learn a lot, not be lazy to learn, and also I can start my own small business like selling online or I can sell it to my close friends. 

You know?  My Dad told me that when he was a child in his childhood, he didn’t have a house. My Grand father was very poor. He could not build a house. So my Dad then helped his Mom sold fried banana from door to door to make money.  My Dad said that my grandma told my Dad not to beg money from any people. I know it because my Dad told me. So my Dad wanted to change his life better. He left his village, Manggeng and moved to Banda Aceh to continue his study at SPG in Banda Aceh. My Dad studied very hard and worked  very hard and it was long long time ago  in 1979. Then he became as a teacher and he could change his life better. That’s what my Dad told me, and I I admire my Dad. I learn much from my Dad.        

Okay let’s continue. You already knew what I wanted to be, right?  If you don’t know, let me tell you again.  I want to be a president. If  I am rich I will build a super duper big house to help  the poor people and disability people. I hope that my dream can come true. 

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Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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  1. This article is very informative. the explanation is very simple so it is easily understood by all categories of readers. thanks nayla :)

  2. Thank you so much Mr. Agus Agandi. Nayla is learning how to be a best seller writer