My Memory at the Beach, and I Miss It Now

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 
Class 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Halo every body and writing hugs.  Do you want to know what today writing is? Today writing is about “I miss the beach”. Do you miss the beach too?  If I miss the beach and maybe the beach misses us. So where are you now?  Are you still at home or are you somewhere at the beach?  Tell me. Well, let me tell you that how much I miss the beach. 

Honestly, I really miss the beach. Even I have a swimming pool, but I still miss the beach, because in the beach there is a lot of sands, beautiful view, green mountains and other interesting things too.  I remember that my Dad, my sister and me, because my Mom did not follow. My Mom was angry, because she could not go to Sabang. So she stayed at the shop and we went to the beautiful beach, fake Paris. Why  is it fake? Because the tower is made of wood. It was not very tall tower, but you can go to the second floor of the Paris tower.

Not only went up to the second floor of the tower, but we can also ride a big swing in that beach. I enjoyed riding a big swing there.  I also saw a foods delivery system by using a box and a bicycle.  How could they do it?  I saw there was a long long string and then how they brought it down? They did it by pedaling the bicycle slowly and then it arrived at the food stall on the bridge above the sea. It was so interesting, but they did not a lot of foods that we could order. 

Oh I forgot to tell you that we sat up on a mountain and that’s why we could see it. If you want to sit down on the wooden bridge, you can see some fish, but the beach is not deep. It was only as deep as a new born baby standing up. The water was blue and a bit green water and we had to pass a small bridge. You know what?  My sister Aqila was scare. She said “I am scare” and then my Dad pretended that he was making my sister fall and I was laughing. My sister screamed like aaaaaaaaa she said. Then we took some pictures close to the Paris tower.  The beach was far away from Banda Aceh. It called Lhok Seudu, in Great Aceh.

Another beach where I have been being in Pasir Putih beach. Pasir Putih is in Indonesian. In English is white sand. At this beach, the water is clean and the sand is white.  There is a lot of seashell.  When I swam I saw some fish.  I was there with Mom, my Dad, my sister, my cousin, and my uncles. We were very happy playing on the beach. We built a sand castle and then some thing scary happened. We were digging a big hole to make a sand swimming pool.  Then when I was digging, I saw a crab and I ran away from the pool or sand pool. I was crazy because I was so scare and I hate crabs, but the water in the beach was salty. So I have to use the swimming glasses or goggle.  I could see small fish and it was a lot. Maybe about 100 of the small fish. I was sad because I could catch it because I was scare, the wave was big.

Actually, it was nice if I brought the surfing boat. Of course next time if we are allowed to go to the beach. I want to go there again with my cousins Ayla, Aksa, Adam, Atika, Abizar, Asyabia, and my sister Aqila. It is nice to go to that beach with my cousins. Because if only two people who swim, it will be boring. Even at the beach and my cousin will bring a hammock.  Anyway, it was super fun. Making a big sand castle with my sand box was the best day ever. 

So yup thank you for reading my story and maybe tomorrow I will tell you when I was in another beach. So don’t forget to watch my YouTube. Pleas subscribe Anak Cerdas in YouTube until 10.000.000 subscribers. Last and not least, Don’t forget to go to POTRET Gallery on jalan Prof. Ali Hasyimi, Pango Raya  Banda Aceh. So, yup bye bye writing hugs so bye bye

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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