Shopping Toys Happily

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Class 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Hi every body, how are you to day? Are you fine? I hope so.  Well, do you want to know what’s todays writing is about? I will tell you or write about shopping. You may like shopping. I really like shopping. I like shopping toys at POTRET Gallery.  Do you know where POTRET Gallery is?  I believe that some you have known POTRET Gallery. If you do not know, let me tell you. It is on Prof. Ali Hasyimi street, in Pango Raya Banda Aceh, across from Hasan III, the Acehnese foods restaurant. 

Now, you know right?  It is the good time to do shopping at POTRET Gallery.  Here you can buy a lot of things that you like best.  Only that we don’t have is kitty, hamster, tiger, and some other pets like animal, and animal food. I am so sad. I really love educational games. I know POTRET Gallery has a lot of stuff or materials. 

What I like best is educational toys. Here at POTRET Gallery I can fine h a lot of educational toys. As you can see me in my dad facebook that I make a short video at POTRET Gallery.  You know that at POTRET Gallery not only educational toys, but there are also school supplies, sun glasses, socks, souvenir, jewelry, fake flowers, dream catcher, bags, sport stuff and some others. Next to POTRET Gallery, there is my Mom’s shop, POTRET busana.  My Mom’s shop sells dresses and baby stuffs. Most for children and Mom.

Let’s come back to POTRET Gallery. So, here if I am the people who buys stuff at POTRET Gallery, I will buy a lot of toys. My favorite educational toys are wood craft, wobbly worms, sliding cars and sand slime. I love sliding car very much. You can see me shopping when I was still a little girl before I use glasses, but when I see my self it was so funny. 

Do you now why I like the sliding cars? Even I also like the others. So, let me tell you why I like the sliding car.  For me, it is interesting, because when I put the car, its flipping around and around.  I also like the wood crafts, because I can make a lot of things, such as house, beach house, motor cycle, Merry go round, and there are more.  I also like wobbly worms. I like it because its challenging. I like challenging stuff, and some other toys that I will buy are lot of squishy, slime, Lego, LOL surprise, art stuff, and some others. I always play them with my sister Aqila Azalea Tabrani Yunis at home or at POTRET Busana.

By the way, do you know if my sister Aqila  likes to do when shopping at POTRET Gallery? She likes to see the toys when the toys re missing something, like only one thing of the toy is missing. She asks my Dad if the toys can be for her.  If my Dad says no, my sister will explain. She will explain until she gets the toys and wait until my Dad says yes. Sometimes, I also do like what my sister does. My sister is funny. When she asks for the toys and my Dad says no, my sister will say “oh men”.  She always says that oh men, oh men, oh men and then she gets angry. But me, when my Dad says no, I will be angry and my mouth will be like a fish, hahahaha and if I am angry and my mouth is like a fish, my Dad will be angry.  So from angry to angry hahahaha. 

Okay let’s continue to shop at POTRET Gallery.  My friends often tell me that I am so lucky because when I get something, I don’t need to pay.  That’s what my friend says and then I say no. I also have to pay.  if I don’t need to pay, I can get everything and I like it.  So I can only write this for today’s writing. See you tomorrow and don’t forget to watch my YouTube. Please click a like and subscribe until 10.000.000 times. So, please tell your friends to subscribe my YouTube.  The name is Anak Cerdas and the Smart Sister Performance. So yup! Bye bye and remember okay! Wait, one more thing POTRET Gallery is on Prof Ali Hasyimi street, in Banda Aceh and one more is writing hugs. So yup bye bye bye.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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