My Ramadhan at Home

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Grade 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negri 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia 

Halo every body, how are you today? I feel great. I hope every one is fine and wishing you all the best! Now we meet again in writing with me Ananda Nayla . Today I will tell you all about my Ramadhan activities. In this Ramadhan, as we are Muslim, we are fasting and we don’t eat or drink. We only eat when the sunset and at night.  I am also fasting and even I don’t eat sahur at midnight, but I am still fasting. It is not my first time fasting, I did fasting last Ramadhan too.  It was not full like this Ramadhan.

Because of the bad condition of corona, we don’t break our fasting as what we did long time ago. Long time ago, sometimes we broke our fasting out with my family. It was very fancy but now it is different. we can’t break our fasting at the fancy places such as coffee shops, cafĂ©, or restaurant or at our relative’s houses. Now, we must obey the health protocol. We have to avoid the crowded places. We must practice social distancing, physical distancing and washing our hands with soap, and using mask when we go out. We must do these all, because there is corona virus spreading all over the world. It makes us can’t go anywhere. We only stay at home and enjoy our days at home. Even it is not very fancy.

This Ramadhan I feel bored, and unhappy because I only stay at home. Actually I like to be with a lot of people, like with my cousins, friends and some others too.  I can play with them happily, chatting, telling story and so on, but now I just play with my sister.  You know, I like to play gadgets, crafting for making dolls, bags, mini house with Kokoru papers, UNO stacko, watching TV, designing the house and others. Sometimes, I ask my father to go around by car. I also go to my Dad and Mom’s shop. My Dad runs a shop. The shop is POTRET gallery, and my Mom does too. She runs a clothes shop at POTRET Busana.

Now, as we know that Idul fitri is coming soon.  It is only several more days. So when we celebrate it, we have to buy new clothes, shoes, shorts, for using when its Idul fitri. We also buy cakes and drinks for welcoming people or guests who come to our house in Idul Fitri.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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