My First Journey Abroad

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 
Grade 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

November 2018 was the great moment I had.  After I was sick and stayed in a hospital for three days. It made me could not go to school, because I was not able to stand and I fell dizzy. I spent three days in the hospital and I got better, then I went home.  One day after, my father made a big surprise. It was really big surprise. He purchased a 4 days’ tour package to Malaysia and Singapore. I was really happy, because I had never been abroad, even to Malaysia and Singapore.

So, in the early morning. It was November, 17,2018, I packed up and prepared something we needed. After that we went to the airport to fly by the airplane. We flew with Air Asia from SIM airport to Kuala Lumpur with my father and mother. We went there with a group.  It was around 1hour.  My sister, Aqila Azalea Tabrani Yunis and me were very excited. My father bought a pack of rice, nasi Lemak on the way in the airplane for me and my sister. It was nice. I  did not like the nasi lemak I just like the noodle my sister also like the noodle too.

When the airplane was landing at the airport, I saw the big airport ,and a lot of plane and soon wen the plane arrive we wait in the arrive room   
So, we arrived at KLIA airport and got off the plane wen ware outside we wait in front of the gait and then we go on the bus 

The firs day we went to Putra Jaya, a big place with clean lake and some beautiful buildings. I saw a lot of birds and people from around the world. We had lunch there and then we headed to masjid India Daratan Merdeka. From the mosque and we went to twin tower. The towers are big and tall.  We lost our tour guide, and we went in the Twin towers building.  I bought a cup of milo and we went out and found our group. We continued our journey to Petaling street / Sungai Wang. I don’t really remember it, but it was the China town. Here, I saw a lot of toys and I liked that shop a lot. I stopped by in Panda eyes and I bought two toys and we spent almost 40 RM.

After we did shopping at China town, we went to the hotel near Sunway mall. we stayed at the hotel and the hotel was very fancy, but I forgot the name of the hotel. You know? I love fancy things. Actually even when we ate, it was fancy, fancy music, fancy food, fancy room, fancy fancy fancy every ting is fancy. In the evening after having diner, we walked to the  Sunway mall. I saw a lot of toys and actually. I wanted to buy toys, but my Dad did not give me a was angry and I saw smiggle shop and I asked my Dad to buy a smiggle bag, but my dad say no.  I was angry. And then we went to hotel to sleep.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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