Celebrating Idul Fitri in Ule Gle with Family

By : Ananda Nayla 
The 5th, grade of MIN Ule Kareng, Banda Aceh

It was in the afternoon, I was heading to Ule Gle with my father, mother and sister Aqila Azalea. Ule Gle is my Mom’s village, where my Mom was born. So, in Ule Gle, and I stayed at my mom’s little sister’s house. Ule Gle is about 170 kilometers from Banda Aceh. I was so tired sitting in the car. My Dad drove the car. I slept in the car for several minutes, and Aqila did it too. It took me about 4 hours to reach Ule Gle, because my Dad drove the car a little bit slow. I enjoyed the view a long the way to Ule Gle. I saw mountains. So, when I was staring at the window, I saw the roads and the green tress a long the way. My sister was super duper sleepy and if my mom is not really sleepy. My Mom kept talking with my father while listening to music.

In Ule Gle I also met other cousins, Ayla, Aqsa, Adam and Atika. They are my  closed cousins. Not only them, on the next day, my other cousins, Faiza, Daniel, Sharif and Arfa arrived from Banda Aceh. So, we were so happy to meet my cousins at my Mom’s village and on the second day of Idul Fitri, at the early morning we went to Bate Iliek with its rocky river, and very cool water. There, we swam happily for 

I was very happy to celebrate the Idul Fitri in my Mom’s village.  I played with my cousins there.  As usual, when we arrived and met the relatives, or families, we shook hands. I really liked to go around because I am a traveler. 

This Idul Fitri, we will not go home to Ule Gle, we will celebrate Idul Fitri in Banda Aceh, because of the pandemic of the corona virus. We may not go anywhere, but we just stay at home.  During this Ramadhan I am fasting. So, every day, I make   videos like reading with Nayla’s session, crafting with aqila Azalea, and sometimes my sister and we swim in the pool.   My sister likes to make some dolls by using Kokoru papers, and some others. These activities make us happy to stay at home.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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