My Lovely Cats

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis

 The student of MIN Ule Kareng, Banda Aceh

I have a cat and I love it so much. I like all cats, because they are so cute. One day in the future, if she has a baby, I will call it Lia. If she has another one, I will call it Zita and also if it is a male one, I will call it, Kiko. 

How about you? Do you love cat too? Do you think the cat so cute?  I really like cat, because they are so cute. Sometimes I don’t like cats, when they are shy and not friendly. I don’t know why they are shy. Therefore, if my cat is shy, I always try to approach them by giving foods they like. 

When I have a cat with a little shy sometimes I touch it smoothly or tenderly. I love my cats so much because they so funny.  I want my father let me bring cats when we move to Lampoh Keudai, the village where we want to live. I   also want to have   rabbits at my home. It will be very fun.

I will call Rara and Riri all to play with me. I will let them play in my room. They will be in the blue room, but the rabbits will be out side, on the backyard of my house. They can play out side, and they will enjoy eating grass or other foods available. 

Actually, I love animals, but some animals are wild and dangerous. I love my cats, because sometimes they are amazing. Not only my cats are amazing, but all cats are amazing. That is why I love cats. Cats are my favorite animals or pets.  I always want to have baby cats. They are funny.  

You know? My little sister Aqila Azalea, likes hamsters. She likes asking my father to buy hamster, but my father always says that it is difficult to have  hamsters, because they need special care, not like cats.

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Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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