Willem Tower, The Historical Building

Written By Suha Rakata 

12  years old Girl and  a homeschooler,  living in Banda Aceh, Indonesia

I was so lucky, I could go to an interesting place in Pulau Aceh.  It was Saturday, 27 of March 2021.  I went to Pulo Aceh in Great Aceh with the  association of KIDS SURVIVOR. We went there for searching the mangrove trees  and  learnt about their sosio cultural and economic life of the people in Pulo Aceh.  We also  went to the lighthouse!

Here is the journey we made. First, we left from Lampulo port and we sailed to Pulau Brueh (Breuh island ) by using big fish boat. It took us about 3 hours. When we arrived there, we ate lunch and then we continued our trip by using pick up car heading to Lapeng village where we would  stay.  it took about 1-2 hours with a bad road. When we got there in afternoon we immediately went  to the mosque at Lapeng village to say prayer.  After that we went  home to our residents and stayed there for a few days. Next day, we went to the the place  what I really wanted to go.

 We went to Willem Toren  in the morning  by a pick up car too, Unfortunately the rain fell heavily  but we still continued  our trip. Then we arrived at  Willem Toren and  immediatly asked some about this Willlem Toren from Mr. Alpian.  We   are also allowed to enter the lighthouse. Inside the lighthouse was very high and creepy, but it was so fun and beautiful from the top and happy to get to see history and relics from the Netherlands. 

Here I got a lot of stories on Willem Toren. Willem’s Toren  light house is a tower that functions to regulate ship traffic navigation in the Indian Ocean . The tower is located in the forest of Kampung Meulinge,  Pulau Aceh, Aceh Besar District, a complex with a area of 20 hectares. In the past. The complex was inhabited by Ducth officer. This light house is taken from the name of LUXEMBOURG in 1817- 1890.


The given to this lighthouse has a history. This lighthouse reportedly adopted the name of the king who controlled LUXEMBOURGH from 1817 to 1890, namely WILLEM ALEXANDER PAUL FREDERIK LODEWIJK. During his reign at that time, WILLEM was indeed active in building the economy and infrastructure in the Dutch East Indies region, and Aceh island was one of the areas that was part of the Dutch government’s infrastructure development program at that time, namely the construction of the WILLEM’S TOREN. 

WILLEM’S TOREN lighthouse is one of the three lighthouses left by Dutch in the world. WILLEM’S TOREN lighthouse turns out to be one of the three lighthouses that have become a legacy of the Dutch in the world during the colonial period. Two other lighthouses are located in the NETHERLANDS which are now converted into m14-useums, while the other is in the CARIBBEAN Islands.

The age of the lighthouse is more than a century. At present the WILLEM’S Toren tower is more than a century old since it was built in 1875. As a result, this lighthouse has become an ancient site on the island of Aceh. When viewed from the outside, this lighthouse building is getting worn and old. However, the building is still solid. The lighthouse is 85 meters high whit its distinctive red and white wall colors.



Mr. Alpian, navigasi of Aceh Island. From Dinas Perhubungan Aceh.



 Sunday, 28 March 2021,  Breueh Island

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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