Preparing for My Challenge

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis

Class 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Preparing for my challenge is the title of my writing today. Do you know what the challenge is? What is it about? Have you ever heard about it? If you do not know yet or you have never heard about it, I will tell you the challenge what I want to make. So, what is challenge here? So, challenge is a game that we compete with people. You can compete with 1 people until 10.000 people and in a competition, there will be only one winner. The winner will get a prize. If you want to get the price, you must try to win. Be the winner.

What challenge is it? The challenge that what I want to make is an ice cream challenge. This challenge will be in my YouTube. So this is a snick peak. To play this game we need some materials. The materials for the ice cream challenge are ice cream with different flavors, chocolate chip ice cream, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. For the toping, we will need some sprinkle, chocolate sticks, Oreo, cookies, chocolate syrup, and some other yummy stuffs. We also have to spin the wheel and you have to put the stuffs what you got in side your bowl. Then we do it for 8 rounds.

Wait! I did not tell you what the writing will be in the spinning wheel. So when you got switch up, you have to switch up your bowl. If you got, you pick. It means you can pick what ever you want and if you got nothing, that means you will not get anything. After you do with all of the stuffs, you need to do a taste test. For the taste test, the people will be my Dad. You know right? 

My Dad is Tabrani Yunis who likes to write like me. So let me tell you how to do it. The first step is you have to spin the wheel one time. The second step, put the stuffs what you got in your bowl. Third, take turns. Now, I will take turn with my sister, Aqila Azalea Tabrani Yunis and you do that until 8 times or as many as you want. So how to win it? Make the best ice cream and the taster will taste which one will be the best. If you are the best, you will get IDR 1.000.000.

Yup! Thank you for reading my story. Please watch my videos in my YouTube called Anak Cerdas Magazine and please comment. I will wait for your comments. So bye bye.

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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