Enjoying The Cable Car in Genting Highland

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
The student class 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

This is the story of my traveling. It was in November 17, 2018. I got an opportunity to go to Malaysia. I did not go alone, but I went with my family, my father, my sister, my mom, and me. In the same group there were other people. We went together.

I was very happy because I could go to some places, such as Sunway Mall, Lapangan Merdeka, Batu Cave and others. But, Genting highland was very interesting. I can not forget it. When we were going to Genting highland, something bad happened. Our bus suddenly got jam when going up the street in the hilly way.  It stuck because the road to Genting highland was very swirly.  The driver tried to check and fixed the bus. I saw the driver called someone. May be he asked for a help. Finally, he could do his best and we continued our journey.

Just several minutes, then the bus stopped at terminal to change the bus. We got another bus. It was super cute and it had beautiful light in side the car.  I saw a lot of buses and the buses were colorful. I was super happy and when we arrived at the Genting highland, we went up the building by using the lift and I hate lift.  When we arrive at the second floor, we needed to go to the toilet. Then we took photos with our group. Our tour guide gave us tickets to take the cable car.

We walked to the waiting gate, but we had to wait and joined the long long queue because. So many people wanted to go up. It was a bit tiring.  Finally, we got our turn to get in to the cable car or sky car. We stepped in the cable care carefully. In side the cable car there were two benches, long seats for only six people. There were many cable cars in front and beside us.  I was so scare, because we were getting higher and higher.  I looked down and saw some trees, the streets and we could see the cloud very close.  We could also see a swimming pool and the parking lot at the hotel.
When we got higher, the cable car was smoky, because we were so high. The smock was from the cloud, because we were super high and it was super cold. Luckily that I used a jacket. my Dad made a video of us when were in the cable car. He uploaded the video in my YouTube and the name is Anak Cerdas Magazine.

After some minutes, we arrived at the big building.  It was the casino building at the peak of the mountain. I was so happy and I really wanted to be there a whole day because it was so cold and fancy. Really, when we arrived at the building, I was so crazy to see inside. So many entertainment places, shopping centers, games, and so fancy.  I like fancy and I really like it. We were there around two hours. Before going back down, we said prayer at the praying room. I wanted to go to the snowing place.  Some of them went, but I did not go because my Dad said He did not have money. I only had rupiah and then my face was like a fish and I was sad and angry and I was speechless.          

I was really cool there. I like the cool stuff and next time I want to buy a super duper big fridge. Then you can go to a secret hideout and behind it, there will be a small park and its going to be very cold, because I will put 6 air conditions. You can play snow.   


Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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