Bicycles for The Orphans and Vulnerable Children

By Ananda Nayla  Tabrani Yunis
Class 5 of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri (MIN) 5 Banda Aceh, Indonesia

Hi every body, welcome back and writing hugs. Today we have a very new writing. It is going to be exciting, because today I will tell you about the program of 1000 bicycles. Do you know this program? Have you ever heard about it?  I know some of it, because I often see my Dad buys and delivers bicycles.  He always buys the bicycles at Serikat bikes in Pasar Aceh, Banda Aceh.

Anytime my Dad buys bicycles, I thought the bicycles were for me.  They are not for me.  I always ask my Dad “who belongs the bicycles to?”. “They belong to the orphans, the poor children, said my Dad.” So, which one is for me”. My Dad always says” you already have your own” and I said “fine”.  But, why should all belong to the orphans? Then, I understand.

Yup, at the beginning, I do not really know about this program. Then I can understand because, after then I ask and ask my Dad. He has told me anytime I ask him. Here is what he has told me.

1000 bicycles and wheelchairs program is a program for helping vulnerable children like poor children, poor orphans, poor disability children who have problem in accessing schools. They do not have transportation to go to schools, because there is no motorcycle, public bus or even bicycle at home. They have to walk to school every morning and back home at noon. They walk more than 2 or 3 kilometers. They live in the villages far away from the city in Aceh.

I remember my Dad explained me that this program is a social program to help the poor and vulnerable children for going to school. When they walk to school more than 2 kilometers and passing the bushes and narrow streets, it will be very dangerous for children, especially girls. That is why this program is for the orphans or vulnerable children and the poor family and for the disability they will get the wheelchairs.  I asked my Dad how many bicycles and wheelchairs have been delivered to the children. He said, there has been more than 250 bicycles and wheelchairs. Wow, it is a lot, isn’t it?

Well, do you think that my Dad is very rich that he can buy more than 250 bicycles and wheelchairs?  So I thought he was very rich. Therefore, then I asked my Dad how he can buy those bicycles and wheelchairs?  Are you super duper rich? And my Dad said, ”No, these all are not my money. The money is from people who are available to donate their money for this program. The money is from the donation and people who care and maybe more. So, the donation is the key that makes this program happens.

I think this program is very good, because it helps other people who need help. This program helps children can go to schools. I hope one day when I grow up and I success, I can do like my Dad and maybe better than that.  Like I said, my Dad has delivered to the children already 200 bicycles. 

Actually, I also like to play bicycle a lot, but I do it in Lampoh Keude, at my home, but it is too hot. I like to play when I am at POTRET Gallery. Here, I always ride the bicycle. Sometimes when its Sunday, My Dad, my sister and I always go sport and sometimes we use the bicycle.  Next time I want to decorate my bicycle. First it will have a place for relaxing and then there is a small table and a place for an umbrella. 

Yesterday my Dad bought two bicycles. The colors are black and dark green but the bicycle was too tall for me. I like it, but not very tall. And the bicycle is again for the orphans, not for me. I remember again, long time ago when I followed my Dad bringing the bicycle to people house and I stayed in the car, because I was shy. So long time ago, I was a shy girl. When my teacher asked me to preforms in the stage and then I went to the stage and I did not talk anything. I just kept silence and I told my teacher that I was scare. It was from class 1 until class 3, but now not anymore.

One thing I don’t like is when my Dad has to go far far away. He left us at home for two or three days.  Sometimes and he just send it. So when my Dad is so long, I always video call him. Now he can’t bring it because of the corona virus. He only sends it. You can see my Dad in Google. My Dad’s name is Tabrani Yunis. There will be his photos with the orphans.  So thank you for reading my story. Please visit my YouTube, the name is Anak Cerdas Magazine and please comment.  I am waiting for your comments so yup bye bye bye

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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