Too Long to Stay at Home

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis 
Grade 5 of MIN 15 Banda Aceh

When the corona virus spreads all over the world, we can’t go anywhere. We only stay at home. Staying at home makes me boring and I missed my school. I want to meet my friends at school. I want to study and play with my friends at school. As I mentioned before that staying very long at home makes me bored, so during staying at home, I must have some interesting activities. 

There are some activities I like to do. I swim with my sister in a swimming pool, a balloon swimming pool at home. Swimming can make me healthy and super happy. Sometimes I spend more than one hour swimming, until I feel cold. I also play games in the the phone and iPad. I always borrow my Dad’s phone or iPad and I make some videos about reading with  Nayla and sometimes I help my Dad to promote the products at POTRET Gallery in Pango Raya, Banda Aceh. Sometimes I also help my Dad watering the plant in the afternoon. Besides that, I also do crafting by using educational toys such as puzzles, Kokoru, color corrugated paper to make various dolls with my sister Aqila Azalea Tabrani Yunis. When we do all the activities, my father always makes videos. Sometimes we do live in facebook and sometimes we upload in our Youtube. Everyone can watch in Youtube, named Popot dan Nyanyak or the best sisters siblings. Most of the time I have is for studying at home, because I can not go to school. So, my father and mother help me to learn all of the school subjects.

So by doing these all, I don’t feel board and I feel happy. I can enjoy staying at home happily.
I do not to go out like to the mall, market where many crowded people. I don’t go to the coffee shop as before with my father, because we are not allowed to go there. You know?  There is the corona virus makes us be aware. Actually, we have to do a lot of sport like jogging and swimming and some other activities too. We can be happy and healthy. What do you think? Do you agree with me?

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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