My lovely Sister

By Ananda Nayla Tabrani Yunis
Grade 5 of MIN Ule Kareng, Banda Aceh

Halo every body, how do you feel today? Are you fine staying at home for along time? Today I will tell you all about my sister. You know? I only have one sister and my sister name is Aqila Azalea Tabrani Yunis. You can call here Aqila. So I know my sister more than anybody. She was born in November 15 ,2011 in Banda Aceh. She will be nine years this coming November 2020. She studies at elementary school class 2. 

I will tell you what her favorite food and drinks.  My sister’s favorite foods are pizza, ice cream, meatballs, soup, grilled meat, shrimp, noodle, bread, cheese, cotton candy, fish, crackers, fried chicken, popcorn, kebab, Tempe, souses, blanket crackers, cake, candy, milkshake, coconut, tea, lemon juices, orange juice, mineral water, gummies, donuts, cookies, rise, pop tars, and some others.

Her hobbies are cooking, dancing, crafting, playing with cat, singing, playing the gadgets, and watching TV. She likes to bake cakes but she does not like to eat them. She likes to dance star darlings and she likes to dance my little pony and lego and friends. She also really likes to make something or crafting. She likes to make some dolls made of kokoru papers and she also likes to make cakes with kokoru papers. Besides, she likes to play with cats because cats are cute. Not only that, but she also likes to sing my little pony and star darlings and lego and friends.  If she plays the gadgets, she will never stop. She likes to play games and sometimes she likes to watch YouTube.  She likes to watch TV a lot. She always likes to watch cartoons.

Her favorite color is rainbow and her favorite animals are cat and unicorns. If its real, fox, and horse. Yes, only this what I can tell you about my sister. So tell me if you also have only one sister ok! But don’t tell anybody. I love my sister, Aqila. She is sometimes very funny. I play with her every time, except when we go to school. Actually I have one more sibling, but still not born yet.  Don’t forget to watch my YouTube.  The You Tube title is Popot dan Nyanyak or the best sister siblings.  So thank you for reading my writing. See you again in my next writing. Bye bye

Majalah Anak Cerdas,

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